See Your Dream Product Come to Life

We take what is in your imagination and use fabrication skills to make it a reality. Toronto Metal & Iron Railings stops nothing short of pure perfection to ensure your dream product is just the way you imagined it. With three decades of experience, we use our extensive knowledge, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to churn out quality products and services throughout Toronto, the GTA, and North America. Our engineers and craftsmen are simply the best in the industry, and their training shines through in their custom creations.

Streamline the Design and Installation Process

Our shops already have the equipment and staff we need to complete the design and installation process. We take pride in our quality control measures, combing each piece of material over to make sure it is defect-free. Next, we begin to process materials according to the provided drawings, all while cleaning, sanding, and deburring as needed. When everything is prepared and cut to perfection, we send it to the assembly and fixturing section to start the welding. We integrate in-house and out-house components until your piece has taken a final form, though it is still unfinished. At this stage, we perform another round of quality control before finishing your work as a whole or breaking it down for components to be completed on an individual basis. At Toronto Metal & Iron Railings, we are nothing short of thorough.


We Know Metal Fabrication Backwards and Forwards

Toronto Metal & Iron Railings uses three common and vital metal welding processes; MIG, TIG, and STICK. We are experts in stainless steel, aluminum, hot and cold rolled mild steel, galvanized metal, bronze, brass, and copper. We have proudly continued the tradition of early sheet metal fabricators and elevated custom metalwork technology that has caught the eye of architects, engineers, designers, homeowners, contractors, and general contractors. We have done business on a local and national level since 1991, earning our spot as a leading metal fabrication shop through our hard work and dedication to clients like you. If you are searching for custom metal and glass fabrication services in Toronto and the GTA, we will use our stylish and functional designs to satisfy your home and business needs.

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